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Your Business Success is Our Goal

Bevans Design helps your business succeed
Bevans Design LLC will work with you to develop a website that helps you attain your business goals and reflects your personal style.

We'll help identify your target market & develop a website marketing plan that reaches your potential customers.

Organic SEO Optimization

Bevans Design offers organic SEO optimization
At Bevans Design, we know organic SEO.  Bevans Design writes search engine friendly copy rich with the key words that will help your target market find your website. 

Bevans Design is a Google Adsense publisher, an Amazon affiliate, and a FaceBook Developer.  

Listing your website with search engines is included in the price of your website so your Bevans Design website will come up well.

Social Media Marketing

Bevans Design offers social media marketing assistance
Need help with Social Media Marketing? 

Bevans Design can create a FaceBook page for your business, display a  live FaceBook feed on your site, and help you develop strategies that maximize the social media presence of your business.

Professional Design

Patricia Bevans is a professional designerPatricia Bevans, owner of Bevans Design, has 25 years of professional design experience.

Patricia Bevans' work has appeared in the magazines Better Homes and Gardens and Women's Day, and she is the author of two books featured as Better Homes and Gardens Book of the Month, Beautiful Crocheted Sweaters and Forty Fabulous Afghans.

In 2006, Patricia was an Honorable Mention winner in a Design a Room Contest sponsored by Punch Software and Lowes.

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Social Media Marketing

Bevans Design does Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing

Bevans Design does Email Marketing

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